Hawaiian Food

Aloha gang,

Today was another great day in paradise… not to mention the unique variety of food here on the island! If you didn’t know Hawaii’s food is very unique but so is the price! The reason their is such unique food here on the island is because of all the different cultures here. American, Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, Filipino, you name it and Hawaii has is it covered! Today we tried what they call a loco moco. You might ask yourself, “what exactly is a loco moco?”. A loco moco  is a burger patti, an egg (usually over easy), and rice. To top it off they smother it with gravy! We really enjoyed this so called loco moco, the island twist really makes the food interesting. If oyu do happen to come to Hawaii, I highly suggest trying a loco moco. On that note, I can’t wait to try all the other food and kind of compare how different cultures implement certain ingrediants. Tomorrow, we are going to a place called Leonard’s Bakery (it has great yelp reviews) and try the famous Mala Sadas the locals keep raving about!

I will keep you posted…


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