Hey gang,

Once again I apologize for the gap in updates, we are just having too much fun here in Paradise. The kids are out for school and the skies are clear. The family and myself have went on many adventures this past weekend, if you didn’t know Hawaii has some of the best hiking on the planet. The views are gorgeous! Although we did many activities I have to say hiking was the best outing we had so far… aside from the beach that is :). Anyways, I have posted a picture of our Diamond Head Hike. Look at that view, I will be back with more!




Hawaii Hike

Diamond Head Hike

Good morning everyone! Check out this beautiful sunset on the black sand beach located off Ali’i Drive in Kona. We are really enjoying our life here on the islands. Don’t think about making the move… Make it and you wont regret it!



Hawaii sunset

Hey again gang,

The family took a trip to Kauai this weekend. Kauai is considered the garden island and it is a very magical place indeed. I have to say our trip along the Napali Coast was amazing and I highly recommend everyone put this at the top of their checklist when visiting this unique island! Check it out! If you ever want to learn more about the island check out the information here.






Aloha gang,

Today was another great day in paradise… not to mention the unique variety of food here on the island! If you didn’t know Hawaii’s food is very unique but so is the price! The reason their is such unique food here on the island is because of all the different cultures here. American, Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, Filipino, you name it and Hawaii has is it covered! Today we tried what they call a loco moco. You might ask yourself, “what exactly is a loco moco?”. A loco moco  is a burger patti, an egg (usually over easy), and rice. To top it off they smother it with gravy! We really enjoyed this so called loco moco, the island twist really makes the food interesting. If oyu do happen to come to Hawaii, I highly suggest trying a loco moco. On that note, I can’t wait to try all the other food and kind of compare how different cultures implement certain ingrediants. Tomorrow, we are going to a place called Leonard’s Bakery (it has great yelp reviews) and try the famous Mala Sadas the locals keep raving about!

I will keep you posted…


Today was great,

The family is really adapting to our new home in Oahu. The boys are out of school for the summer so we decided to try out the renown beach of Makapuu. It wasn’t too crowded and the views are amazing! My wife and I just kicked back and relaxed while the boys caught waves. You can see Rabbit Island in the distance and the crystal blue water makes the surrounding scenery look surreal.

Anyways, sorry about the delay but we just ate dinner and I am pretty worn out. I will update everyone that is following the blog tomorrow!

Stay tuned…

My family and I just moved to the island of Oahu. If you didn’t know, the state of Hawaii is made up of eight islands! Who would of thought? The islands vary in size and population and each have their own diversity. I’ll explain the main ones below:

  • Hawaii Island
  • Maui
  • Oahu
  • Kauai

The Big Island (Hawaii Island) – This Island got its name for obvious reasons and if you didn’t know this island has the volcano. Kona is on the leeward (dry) side of the island and Hilo is on the windward (wet) side of the island.

Maui – This Island is the second largest. Many renowned magazines refer to this island as the island with the best beaches in the world! Maui is also an excellent place to watch whales on their journey to the south pacific.

Oahu – The island of Oahu is the home state of the capital. Oahu also hosts Hawaii’s biggest population. The island has over 1 million people but the sight seeing is astonishing. This island is where the famous north shores where you can see massive waves at Pipeline in the winter time. Right next to Honolulu is the famous Waikiki beach. This is the island we chose because of its beauty and its modern touch. Oh by the way… when we moved into our house the carpets were disgusting!  The family agreed that the previous renters must have been college students. I wanted to rent a carpet cleaning machine but my wife refused to sleep in the house unless they were professionally cleaned. To be honest the only company that returned our inquiry ASAP on a Saturday was the company found at Carpet Cleaning Oahu. Don’t always believe the photos of your desired home on the web!

Kauai – Last but not least is the beautiful garden island of Kauai. This island is the oldest and most north of the main Hawaiian Island chain. It is also home to the breathtaking Napali Coast. This is the only island we haven’t visited but is on our checklist!

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